Sorting Saturday – My Scanning Goals

I recently started this blog to share stories about my ancestors.  As I have written the first several blog posts, it has become abundantly clear that I need to take some time to scan and reorganize a bunch of my research.  I thought that I had a pretty good system set up that would make it easy to find anything I have input and sourced in my genealogy software.  I realize now that my system is not so great, especially when you want to quickly double check stories and facts when writing a blog post. 

I have decided that I need to spend at least 50% of my genealogy time devoted to achieving these new goals until the project is done. 

I have taken some time and thought about exactly what needs to be done and how I want to reorganize my data both in binders and on the computer.  Here is the goal list:

  1. In my computer, create a new library that holds genealogy files only (they will no longer be split across the documents and photos libraries).  Organize files by family name and specialty folders such as places, books, etc.
  2. When moving all files to their new ‘home’, rename any file that doesn’t match the way I have been naming files the last couple of years.  Also check each file to make sure citations and information about the image is located in the comments section of the image properties. (Yikes, that means adding source information to all of the federal census images I have saved – thank goodness they are all printed on my transcription copies.)
  3. Go through all family binders and check to see if all data (including letters, photocopies made on research trips, photos, and vital records) has been scanned to the computer.  Any information that has not been scanned will get put in a clear plastic box.
  4. Scan all of the stuff that gets put into the plastic box being sure to put the proper citations in the comments section of the image properties.
  5. Attack my stack of research data that needs to get input into my genealogy software.  Each document needs to be cited to the correct ancestor, scanned, filed to correct family folder, and printed copy filed to family binder. 
  6. When finished with this scanning project, burn a new set of backup DVD’s.  I will be backing up during the project to my Sugarsync account.

I expect this to take most of the rest of the year to complete.  I will keep you updated as to my progress every now and then.

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2 Replies to “Sorting Saturday – My Scanning Goals”

  1. Do you have a flatbed scanner, or do you have one like this —

    I bought that scanner a while back and it is an AMAZING time saver. With my flatbed scanner I could scan maybe around 100 pictures a day — with this one I could do 1000, easily.

    The only problem is that it's tough to clean and over time, you will start to see faint white lines on your scans, like this — — might be hard to see but if you look carefully you can see a faint white line right above the top button on my dad's coat. These lines started appearing after I scanned about 3,000 pictures. It's kind of a pain, but the scanner is SUCH a time-saver that I would still recommend it despite the decline in quality over time. I was able to scan ALL of my family photos & genealogy documents during my vacation, which lasted about three weeks. Good luck with your goals!

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