Open Thread Thursday – Newly Minted Blog Educator

Last night was the monthly meeting of my local genealogy society (Marin Genealogy Society).  The meeting was a round table where everyone brought brick walls and success stories to share with each other.

The topic of genealogy websites and blogs came up as a way to connect with others.  While I was not surprised that only a few of us at the meeting regularly read genealogy blogs, I was taken aback that many did not know genealogy blogs exist.

Many people were excited and asked how to find genealogy blogs.  I pointed everyone in the room towards as a great place to start.  Thomas MacEntee has set up a wonderful resource on all things genealogy blog related (including this Open Thread Thursday).

Although I have been writing my blog since March, I have not shared that information with my fellow society members until last night.  I was very nervous when I  realized on the drive home that everyone is going to go home and read my blog.  Part of my fear is that I know these people face to face.  Most of the feedback that I receive on my blog comes from other bloggers I have not met in person or family members who really aren’t that into dead people.  There is comfort in that safe place.

Today, I commit to being a blog educator.  I  pledge to put my own fears aside and advertise my blog more.  I will also talk about blogs more around the members of my genealogy society.  We need to let others know about this great community and all of the wonderful resources it has to offer.

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