Do you give yourself presents? I do!

It is tradition for me to buy myself a present each Christmas.  I wrap it and place it under the tree with a tag that says “From: Santa.”  This year I decided to tweak the tradition.  I had included in my wish list (given to my family) that I wanted a Flip Pal Mobile Scanner.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would get it so I decided to hold off on my present to myself just in case Santa had trouble finding my house.

It was a good decision.  I was able to use the coupon offered after Christmas to get my Flip Pal and it arrived yesterday.  The doorbell rang with the announcement from FedEx that the box was here.  I yelled a huge “Thank You” at the FedEx delivery man as he ran away from my over-excitement.  And man was I so excited!  It was Christmas morning all over again except this time instead of small children ripping open wrapping paper, it was me ripping open the box.
I quickly made sure that my kids were occupied with toys and coloring so I could have a few minutes to myself.  I cut open the packaging and scanned (pun intended) the quick start instructions.  I powered my newest technology tool up and scanned the first thing I could get my hands on.  It was awesome!
I have not played with the stitching software yet.  That will probably have to wait until after the kids are asleep tonight.
I have some big plans for my new Flip Pal:
1.  I want to scan all of the photo albums we have accumulated over the years.
2.  There are a lot of photos at various family member’s houses that need to be documented.
3.  A new genealogy trip needs to be planned just so I can scan stuff somewhere.
4.  I have a few ideas for art projects with the kids that can utilize the Flip Pal.
I know that my new toy/tool is probably going to be making more work for me in the long run since I will need to add labels and citations to all of the photos I scan.  I am definitely okay with this since I will have fun doing it.  Thank you Santa!
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