Surprise Genealogy Time

I am able to grab a few minutes today while both of my kids are taking a nap.  This hasn’t happened in months, I am giddy with excitement for a little bit of surprise genealogy time! 

Tomorrow night is the monthly meeting for my local genealogy society, Marin County Genealogical Society.  I am really excited because Steve Morse is coming to our meeting to present “Getting Ready for the 1940 Census: Searching Without a Name Index.”  I am really looking forward to this.  I have been to two Steve Morse presentations before.  He is a great presenter and I can’t wait to learn more about his One-Step web pages for the 1940 census.
I am going to spend my “surprise genealogy” time this afternoon making a list of the ancestors who were alive in 1940.  If the kids sleep long enough, I will try to pin down locations for each person too.
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