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One thing I enjoy about blogging is the concept of comments.  When I read other blogs, I leave comments when a post speaks to me.  I also am thankful for those who leave comments on my blog.  I have received amazing support and encouragement from family and the genealogy community through the comments on my blog.

This week I have been grappling with what to do when you receive inappropriate comments on your blog.  A not so Anonymous person has used my blog to express her personal problems.  This is my blog so I have removed the content.  I respect Anonymous’ 1st Amendment Rights to free speech so I am going to suggest she start her own blog to tell her story.
I have to admit there is a part of me that just wants to put this not so Anonymous person on blast.  When it comes down to it, I just really don’t care to reciprocate the hate I have read this week.  I want to teach my children to be kind, truthful, and tolerant of others so I must lead by example.
I have the comments on my blog set up to make it as easy, inviting, and accessible as possible.  I do not want have a feeling of censorship on my blog but I feel that the best solution in this situation is to start moderating incoming comments.  I promise to stay on top of my blog and post your comments as soon as possible.
Last night I realized that the inappropriate comments are also a genealogy lesson.  I need to be sure to find as many sources of information about my ancestors as possible . It is important to remember that a story may be biased in a positive or negative direction depending on who has told the story.  I continually strive to do my ancestors justice and portray them accurately.  I know that this involves telling all stories from the happy to the scandalous and everything in between.
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3 Replies to “Commentary on Comments”

  1. We appreciate all the hard work, time and energy, you have put in on our ancestors. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Love Mom

    1. Great job Sierra!! Keep up the good work. I hope to share in the fruits of your labor for the Lawbaugh side of the family. Then, I just have to begin the work of researching my side of the family. Kiss the babies for me.

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