Leaving My (Water)Mark On Social Media

Blogging is like anything else in life.  You have to invest in continuing education.  Genealogists are usually really good at this.  You take the time to learn about different techniques to break down that wall, read history books to create context in your ancestors life, and attend conferences to learn even more.

Helping to evolve the family business, my husband has become a social media addict.  Acknowledging that the yellow pages are not what they used to be, he spends about an half hour a day writing blogposts, twitter & facebook updates, pinning work photos to Pinterest, etc, etc, to advertise in the digital world.

We tell each other what we learn about blogging.  I mostly learn by reading other blogs.  My husband has had other opportunities such as working with a digital media consultant.

We have been talking a lot lately about how far and wide your data can travel in the digital age.  The discussion came up after my mom who lives on the East coast starting re-pinning photos my husband was posting of windows and doors.  The terms of service for Pinterest puts the responsibility on users to follow copyright law.  It also asks that you follow pin etiquette and credit your sources.   All of that being said, Pinterest is still a playground for copyright issues.In order to be sure that we receive credit for our photos, my husband and I agreed that we both need to start putting watermarks on the photos we post to our respective blogs.  Not only will this help discourage people from blatant stealing but it can also push traffic back to our websites.  I know that a watermark will not stop a true thief so I am also going to include my information in the metadata for each photo.

We recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.  It is so much fun and there are so many cool functions.  I have been playing with some photos the last couple of days to figure out how to use the software.  The picture below was one of my test photos.  It was taken on a family weekend in Truckee this past winter.  Riley, my dog, is waiting for the next snowball to come her way.  I have figured out how to create a watermark using a text layer so I am now in business.Now I need to continue my education and sign up for a Photoshop class!

My sweet girl Riley
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3 Replies to “Leaving My (Water)Mark On Social Media”

  1. Sierra,

    Greetings from Cotati! You can tell Riley is really intent on that next snowball. She reminds me of Yeller, my grandpa's dog that my Aunt Georgia adopted after he died. I don't remember seeing that kind of intensity on his face, except for maybe when he was digging. He liked to dig a hole in a shady spot near my Aunt's house, and then he'd lay in it. The earth was cool in that spot, and he'd lay his belly into it and be as cool as a cucumber.

  2. “I know that a watermark will not stop a true thief so I am also going to include my information in the metadata for each photo.”

    Pintrest and many other sites strip copyright management information from the metadata

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