Disney’s Version of DAR

I know that I am a genealogy geek.  I am perfectly fine with it.  Sometimes I am not so sure that my husband wants to be seen with me when I am fully geeked out.  My family went to Disneyland right before Christmas to celebrate my daughter’s and my father’s birthday.  It was a wonderful two days of everything Disney.  Of course, there was a total genealogy geek moment during our trip!

The morning of our second day we made our way from It’s a Small World to Toon Town.  Toon Town is where Mickey Mouse’s house is located so it was high on our must see list.  To get there you walk underneath a bridge for the train that rides around the park perimeter.  As I was walking underneath the bridge, I cried out in delight when I saw a sign with pictures of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck and the letters “DAR.”  I immediately was thrilled thinking that Disney would have something related to genealogy in the park.

There was at least one laugh from my husband as I took my camera out to get a photo of the sign.  After taking the picture, I realized that the sign actually read “Daughters of the Animated Reel.”  Oops.  I think it would have been fun to see how Minnie and Daisy made their way back to the Revolutionary War.

Disneyland DAR


I could not help myself and googled – Mickey Mouse Family Tree.  There is actually a blog with a family tree printed for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  It does not go back to the 1700’s but it does have extended family members for both characters as seen in cartoons and movies.  You can check it out at Duckburg.over-blog.com

Here is a picture of us at Disneyland.  My very wonderful husband agreed to take his fleece off to take this picture.  The rest of the day he covered up his matching shirt but that is okay since I got my photo.

Family Pic Disneyland

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