Motivation Monday – Getting Back In The Groove

So technically I would not qualify for an excused absence from this blog if I applied the rules from my local school district.  But my excuse is pretty awesome!  I have been missing in action because we buying a new home.  According to Google Maps, our new house is only .9 miles away from our current one.  My in-laws have been wonderful and let us temporarily move into their home while we sell ours.  All is going well and fingers crossed we will move into the new house at the end of June.

Unfortunately I did not have any extra posts ready and scheduled for this blog.  Now that we are settled in at my in-laws house, I am able to look at my genealogy files again.  It feels so good to be writing!  In fact, I am really surprised how much I missed writing these last couple of weeks.  My fingers clicking away on the keyboard is a happy sound.

I have a plan to get back into the groove of writing and stay here.  I have already jotted down a list of blog posts I would like to write.  I am going to focus the next couple of weeks on writing for a short amount of time each morning.  I also want to create a buffer for myself with some blog posts that can be written in advance for any breaks in writing (like vacation, moving our furniture, etc.).  I am motivated and dancing the happy dance.

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