The Day My Blog Was Hacked

One of the only times I hope I did not have traffic on my website was yesterday.  My domain name was taken over by Islamic terrorists.  No joke!  If you visited my blog yesterday you would have seen a black page with writing on the top and a link to a Facebook page for terrorists.

The hackers also took over my husband’s blog for the family business.  In some ways it was helpful because several customers called the shop to inform us of the hostile takeover.  We were surprised to find out that this is a known problem for our domain host.  I might be naive but I was taken aback that people I see as thugs have an organized IT department taking over websites all over the world.

Now that the reins to my blog have been handed back over, the control freak in my is a bit more restful.  I am in charge again and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming – GENEALOGY!

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