Treasure Chest Thursday – Opal Strickler

I have mentioned several times that I went to Kansas at the end of September to visit family.  During that trip I was extremely thankful that my Mom’s Aunt Susie brought a photo album to share.  I had brought my Flip-pal scanner and she was awesome to not only let me scan the photos but to tell me stories that she remembers from the photos.  I will be sharing some of these photos in the coming months.

The first photo is of my great-grandmother, Opal (Strickler) Mitchell.  This is a photo my Mom and I had not seen before.  I just love the chair she is sitting in.  Since she is wearing a wedding band, I believe this photo was taken between 1916-1918.  Opal was married to Dudley Moses Mitchell in 1916 and they had their first child in 1918.

Opal Strickler about age 20

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