My Paternal Line

Happy Father’s Day!  There are many fathers in my family tree and I would like to thank each one for making my being here possible!  I want to dedicate today’s post to my direct line of father’s.

Italian line

I have been very fortunate to be able to research so far back into my direct paternal line.  I used to think this branch of the family tree would always be stunted.  My grandfather came to the United States as a young boy from Italy.  My great-grandfather arrived in the United States with Tuberculosis and was almost immediately deported.  My grandfather was raised by his Aunt and Uncle who lived in Pittsburgh.  I was not sure that I would ever be able to research records in Italy or translate them.

You can imagine my geeky excitement when I found a microfilm in the collection containing the church records for the very tiny town in Italy my grandfather immigrated from.  I have used this data extensively to flesh out this branch of the family.

I would love if any cousins shared any photos they may have of my Ciardonei family!

My Dad in High School
My Dad in High School


My Grandfather right before his deployment to Europe in WWII
My Grandfather right before his deployment to Europe in WWII
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