Feeling Like A Tech Genius Today

Have you ever noticed the small images that sit next to a website’s name in a bookmark list or on the tabs at the top of your web browser?  I have but I had no idea what they were called or how to get one for this website.  So I Googled “What is the picture next to web address.”  The websites in the results all used the term favicon.  They also said that you just had to upload something to a root directory.  While I want to be technically savvy, this was way beyond my comfort level.

Next I did a Google search for “favicon wordpress.”  The results included more instructions how to add code to the website.  Again, not very comfortable with this idea.  I noticed at the bottom of the search a related search suggestion for “favicon wordpress plugin.” I got excited!

I have a bunch of plugins already added to my website.  A plugin is a tool that will add a function you want accomplished.  For instance, I have plugins for creating a backup of my website, website analytics, blocking spam, and an option to send each blog post to you as an email.

I found there were lots of options for favicon plugins available through WordPress. Installation was fast and easy.  The favicon plugin pointed me to a favicon generator where the fun began.  You get to create an image by uploading an image and using the generator to turn it into a favicon or use the editor to create an image that is 16 pixels by 16 pixels.  I went with door number two. Once I created the image, the plugin uploaded it and like magic it appeared.

Take a look for yourself – the little tree next to my website name in the tab of your browser. The tree is an up arrow with multi-color green leaves.

A huge THANK YOU to the real tech genius brains out there for providing a tool to make me feel like one too!


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  1. Dear Sierra, I saw you presenting at the genealogical society meeting
    in Marin. Can you refer me to info on creating a blog? I want to do something on aging and specifically the seventies. My notes are incomprehensible. I want to emulate your blog and persistence.

    Thanks, Gail

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