Travel Tuesday – Getting Ready For A Research Day

Next week is Spring Break for my children.  We are taking a trip to visit my parents outside of Washington, D.C.  Each time we visit back east, I get to have a research day.  Some of my research has taken me to Page County and Rockingham County in Northern Virginia.  I have also spent days in Washington, D.C. at the National Archives and Daughter’s of the American Revolution Library.

Last week, I sat down and took a look at my research to decide what repository would be the lucky winner on this trip.  In Evernote, I have a genealogy to-do notebook.  As I find things I cannot access digitally, I create a note by repository so that I do not forget the where, who, and why I want this information .  Currently I have three notes with archives that are within driving distance of my parents.

The first option is microfilm at the Pennsylvania State Archives.  This would be a 3 hour drive for me to Harrisburg.  I have previously agreed with my husband that research day would coincide with a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.  I am going to take it off the possible research day list for this trip.  I would rather visit in the summer.

My second option is to visit the National Archives again.  I had great success at NARA last year.  I have a several pension files I would like to see.  The list is split with 1 in-law direct ancestor and 4 siblings of my direct ancestors. Two of the siblings are of John L Gamble (I found his pension record last year.)  These will flesh out this family further but I am not sure there will be any new information. The other two siblings are from my John F. Flock line.  These may have some gems in them to confirm siblings and parents.  I am hoping that it will give detailed information on the locations the family lived in Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.  The direct ancestor is for my husband’s Shipman line.  I have found a lot of information about James O. Shipman this year.  It would be nice to round it out and confirm his parents.

My last option for research day is the Daughter’s of the American Revolution Library.  I have also had great success at this library.  I have been combing the online catalog and identified a couple of books that need a closer look.  My maternal line has a branch that descends from John Berry and Jane Campbell.  The DAR library has a book on the shelves that focuses on this couple and their descendants.  There is also a book on the shelves that looks at the ancestry and descendants of John Laubach.  I believe this may be a brother of one of my direct line Lawbaugh/Laubach ancestors. I also have a list of 3 direct ancestors and 6 possible siblings of ancestors who are verified patriots.  I want to look at the applications and supporting documents to fill any holes in my research and/or verify relationships.  This could be a landmine in new information.

Right now I am leaning towards going to the DAR Library.  Which option do you think I should go with?

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6 Replies to “Travel Tuesday – Getting Ready For A Research Day”

  1. Bit late for your research but I can help on the Shipman line. James Oscar was born in and around Switzerland County Indiana to Abraham Shipman and Harklaney Russell. His mother died when he was young and his father farmed him out to other relatives along with his other siblings. His father remained in Indiana, ultimately dying in a poorhouse in Switzerland Co Indiana in 1889.

    I have a bit more information, but not with me at the moment. Let me know if you would like more information.

    1. Jason,

      Thank you so much! I have been MIA this summer and it was so exciting to see your comment. What a sad story! I will transcribe some of the pension work I found for James Shipman and post it on my blog.

    2. Hi, James Oscar Shipman is my 2nd great grandfather. Ulysses Grant Shipman was my great grandfather. I too am searching for more about James & Harklaney as well as any one before them.

      1. Michele, Hi! I found some great information about James Oscar Shipman this summer. He served in the Civil War and received a pension after the war ended for his injuries. I will post the transcribed records soon. I love finding new cousins for my husband and sharing what I have.

        1. Hi Sierrapope

          My name is Meryl Duprey. James O. Shipman was my g-g-grandfather. Any information that you would be willing to share would be much appreciated as I don’t know much at this point.


    3. Hi Jason

      My name is Meryl Duprey. James O. Shipman was my g-g-grandfather. Any information that you would be willing to share would be much appreciated as I don’t know much at this point.


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