{Treasure Box} Syllabus Handouts

I have a stack of handouts from different speakers I have seen over the years.  Today I spent time to digitize these and keep them in my Genealogy Education folder.

Why?  These handouts are full of amazing information.  I can review them for the information I learned at lecture.  Most of these handouts include additional articles and resources.  The books and articles are a great way to increase my genealogy education.

The additional resources can be extremely helpful.  Such as a speaker at my local genealogy society that included links where to find tax lists available online for many states.  I once heard Judy Russell speak about “The Fair Courts.”  Her handout included information about Chancery Courts in Virginia.  Using that additional resource, I found a court case where my 3rd great aunts  sued my 3rd great grandfather to stop dragging his feet and settle the estate of their father.

I know have all this information saved in my cloud so I can review it when I have time for some genealogy education.

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