Another Year, Another Blog Post

I may not have been the most prolific blog writer in the last year but I have made it to another blog anniversary. Looking back to when I started this blog, I was 8 months pregnant and temporarily living in my in-law’s house. I had taken nesting to another level and had to move while some renovations were being completed. I wrote those initial blog posts while my 2 year old napped.

Fast forward nine years and my situation does not feel too different. While I am in my own home, we are under a shelter in place order for the Covid-19 pandemic. My kids, now 11 and almost 9, have been home for almost 3 weeks. I am writing this blogpost while they are in online learning.

Here in Northern California, we received the notice that schools would be closing on a Friday. That weekend was filled with Facebook dreams of color coded schedules by parents who had not a clue what the coming days would actually turn out to be. I too was enthusiastic but in a genealogy way. I had a plan to use all that school time to work on research and write blog posts.

Of course my color coded genealogy dream needed some major shelter in place adjustments also. Just like the start of online schooling, within 24 hours my plan was turned sideways and flipped upside down. I quickly realized you cannot write blog posts without a healthy website. Since I have not been writing regularly, I was not logging into the website to deal with maintenance issues. With some help, I am now up and running again. In a way it feels appropriate that all the issues were resolved today. A mini-rebirth of the blog is way more meaningful when it happens on the anniversary of my first blog post.

So here is to another year and good health for all (including this blog)!!

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