Tech Tuesday – Genealogy Graffiti

I was brain storming this weekend about future blog posts.  I quickly realized that I have written enough posts that I don’t remember what topics I have already covered.  There are also enough posts that it is slow to browse through to check what is there.  I need a way to search more quickly.

I remembered there are things called categories and tags in WordPress.  After doing some internet research to find out what they even are, I sat down with my husband to discuss my plan.  I have mentioned before that he is the social media guru for the family business.  He explained to me in non-techy english what works best.  Categories are like the chapter headings and tags are the index in the back of the book.

I did some browsing to see how other genealogy blogs use categories and tags.  I took the stuff I liked and formed a plan of attack.  My categories are mostly based on the type of records you use such as census records, church records, vital records, etc.  I have also added in a category for surnames and another for places.  My tags are the specific surnames and the states mentioned in each blog post.

So I went genealogy tagging this morning and made some genealogy graffiti on my blog.  Hopefully this will allow me and my readers easier access to the information they are looking for.  There is now a drop down menu to access the categories.  I have also created a word cloud to select tags.  Enjoy!

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