Another Big Step

This last year I have taken conscious steps to increase my participation in my local genealogy society, The Marin County Genealogical Society.  Along with attending our monthly meetings, I have become the Treasurer.  I volunteered for the position when another member announced she was moving away.  I really enjoy the position and have already put my name in for our yearly board member elections.

Late last fall, I met with one of the other board members to discuss possible topics for the monthly program our society presents.  One of the ideas was genealogy blogs and how they can help your research.  I decided to jump in feet first and offer to give the presentation.  I am almost finished putting together my presentation.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I know it will be a fun night!

If you live in the Bay Area come to our meeting March 27th at 7pm in San Rafael, California to see my presentation of Genealogy Blogs: How They Can Help Your Research.

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