Treasure Chest Thursday – Shoebox

I am embarrassed to admit this but I have over 100 items sitting in my shoebox on  I wish I had some great story as to why they are sitting there.  The reality is I have put the records in the shoebox because I am too busy pinball researching in the late hours of the night. (Dear Myrtle wrote a great post about Pinball Genealogy in January.  Read about it here and here.)  I am shocked at how many great records are waiting for analysis and a citation.

In an effort to stop any further lazy behavior and practice better researching skills, I have decided to clean out my shoebox.  If it is empty, I will be less likely to toss records into my box of shame.

I am hoping to post on Thursdays fairly regularly with the items I am recovering from that genealogy purgatory.  Hope you enjoy!

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