Follow Friday – The Stories That Bind Us

Earlier this week I was reading the Monday Recap at the Geni Blog when a highlighted article caught my attention.  I want to pass it on this Friday in case you did not see it already.  The Stories That Bind Us by Bruce Feiler in the New York Times is a great piece.

The article expresses how important it is to create a family narrative.  Mr. Feiler states that it is the most important thing you can do for your family.  The article goes on to look at the benefits of knowing your family story.  One of the important points the article makes is that you have to tell the whole story. You cannot form a narrative that is all hunky dory or all gore.  Kids need to know that families can make it through the ups and downs.

Although I have heard of the concept before, as a mom to two young kids, it is always nice to hear things again ( My memory disappeared after the first one was born!).  I enjoy researching my family history.  This article reminds me that a few hours a week to myself doing my hobby actually benefits my entire family.  Mommy guilt just got thrown out the window.

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