Mommy Brain Strikes Again

I have to admit that I missed my 2nd Blog Anniversary yesterday.  I was catching up on reading genealogy blogs in Feedly this afternoon when I saw my blog listed in the Daily Blogging Beat.  I could not help but laughing because Mommy Brain has struck again.   This is not the first anniversary I have missed.

This past November we were lucky to go to Maui on vacation.  One evening I was sitting at a luau with my kids, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and sister-in-law’s mother-in-law (did you have to read that twice?).  We were having a fun girls night out.  As we were talking to the newlyweds across the table from us when it suddenly occurred to me, “Haha! Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary and we both forgot!”  I quickly texted my wonderful hubby a message of love.

My kids are the best thing to ever happen so a pesky thing like mommy brain doesn’t bother me.  Knowing I have a problem with remembering things has forced me to find ways to help myself out.  I have a bunch of alarms on my phone so I don’t forget to pick daughter #1 up from school, take her to dance class, forget items for share day, etc. I also have created Google calendars for important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.  I added a new event today – my blogiversary!  Hopefully next year will be more successful in remembering that I have accomplished the goal of writing for another entire year!

Thanks for reading my adventures in genealogy.  Cheers to another year!


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One Reply to “Mommy Brain Strikes Again”

  1. Sierra,
    Congratulations on your second year of blogging. Have been reading all evening, trying to catch up with what you have been finding with the Mitchell side of your family tree. I have found out many things that I didn’t know. Keep up the good work!! Thanks again, Joan Sovde (my dad was Kenneth Mitchell, your grandma Roberta’s brother.

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