Tuesday’s Tip – Letters To The Editor In The Newspaper

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a reporter on the street.  It was for a section the newspaper does where they ask five locals a question and print the responses.  I was asked “Who do you remember or honor on Memorial Day?”  While I spoke of my father and grandfather, the other respondents were not so patriotic.  There was a lot of discussion of the article in the letters to the editor section everyday in the week after the article ran.


It occurred to me that in my research I have never checked the letters to the editor or opinion pieces before.  I wonder what I have missed!  This is definitely something I am adding to my mental checklist.  When I find articles about my ancestors in the future, I will be sure to check the letters to the editor section for the next couple of days after the article appears.  It might result in nothing or it might add more to a story!

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