Tuesday’s Tip – Collect Online Profiles

My father is in the process of retiring.  He has worked over forty years in the naval industry.  The  first thirty years were spent in the Coast Guard.  After retiring from his military career, he took a civilian job building ships.  That is a very stripped down explanation of what he does but it would take a long blog post to cover all of the facets of his job.

While my Dad was here visiting last week, he had a great tip.  I should go save the business profile of him listed on his company’s website.  I did just that!  The biography lists some of his work accomplishments, schooling, awards, and prior companies he has worked at.  It also contains a somewhat recent photo of him.

The way I saved the profile was to use the snipping tool in Microsoft Windows.  I then saved the digital image to my computer.

I think this profile will be a valuable piece of my Dad’s story to pass on to my descendants.  My suggestion is to save any online profiles or biographies you may have of living relatives to add to their story for future geneations.

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