The Digital Age of Genealogy Rocks!

If you read this blog regularly, you know that this past summer my family went on a trip that included Budapest.  I was hoping to visit the small town of Jablonca, Slovakia. This town is where my husband’s maternal gateway ancestors came from.  Unfortunately, the town is located three hours to the northeast and we were traveling west.

Finding the town where my husband’s maternal Hungarian ancestors immigrated from has been a difficult ride.  They were not one for leaving a lot of records in the United States that included juicy details.

This week I noticed a blog post about new indexed records on Familysearch that included some from Hungary. After seeing what was posted, I decided to search the catalog for Jablonca, Hungary.  I know that there is a microfilm of the church records for the town and was thinking about ordering it.  You will understand why I am ordering the microfilm now after my latest find.

To my surprise there is now red lettering on the description page for the microfilm that says: “Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books are available online, click here.”

familysearch slovakia


Of course, I immediately clicked through and searched for my husband’s great-grandmother, Mary Nagy.  And I found her!!  Not only did I find her baptism record, I found her father’s and his father’s.  In a matter of an hour, I traced the Nagy family back another 2 generations!  I have been doing the happy dance for days.

Nagy, Mary baptism record
Maria Nagy, born March 7 to Janos Nagy and Ersebeth Varro in Jablonca, Hungary.


I feel so blessed to a genealogist during the digital age.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to libraries and the smell of a courthouse makes me smile.  This discovery might be one that I would not have made anytime soon if it was not available in a digital form.  It also has my mother-in-law interested in her family history.

I can’t wait to see what I find in the Slovakia 1869 Census records!  Time for some record browsing online!  I also cannot wait to tie it all together with a pretty bow when I get to scroll the marriage and death records on the microfilm I have ordered!

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4 Replies to “The Digital Age of Genealogy Rocks!”

  1. Leslie,

    Hi! I have time planned for next week to go do some research on the microfilm I ordered. If I find any records pertaining to Istvan Cseh, I will make a digital copy for you.


    1. Hi! I found the infomation from the Slovakia Church records on My husbands ancestors lived at #11. I have looked at it on Google Maps Street view before. We were on vacation almost 3 years ago and made it to Budapest. Unfortunately, we did not have time to make it up to Jablonca. It is on our family trip list to go back, stay in the region and visit the town.

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