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My Christmas present to myself this year was a DNA test.  Not sexy to the average person but thrilling for a genealogist.  I did my research and decided to get a mtDNA test done with Family Tree DNA.  The test arrived this week and my DNA sample should reach Texas on Monday.  My results should be ready in approximately six weeks.

My DNA test kit
My DNA test kit

A mtDNA test looks at the women in your direct maternal line.  I am not expecting anything too mind-blowing.  I have researched my maternal line back to my g-g-g-g-grandmother, Jane Berry.  I am expecting to see the British Isles as the major DNA line.  I am keeping an open mind because anything is possible!

Sierra Excel File

The biggest reason I am doing this test is to see what exactly you get when you have a DNA test done.  It works out great for me that the Marin County Genealogical Society is hosting Katherine Hope Borges at the March meeting.  She will be presenting “I Have DNA Tested – Now What?”

If my DNA test goes well, I will be testing the DNA of my Mom’s cousin.  There is a family story of an illegitimate child forced onto a new bride in 1867.  The story continues that the mother of the illegitimate child was Jewish.  My mom’s cousin is a direct female descendant.  I am hoping that a mtDNA test for her will either prove or disprove the family story.

DNA away, just waiting to play!

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4 Replies to “DNA Away”

  1. This test may provide the proof about your cousin, but as far as seeing that your major DNA line is from the British Isles, I think that most likely it will only indicate that your matrilineal line is of European ancestry. To find out the ethnicity of your total DNA more precisely, you will need to get an Autosomal test. This would also provide matches indicating possible cousins, and in general I find this test more useful than the mitochondrial test.

    1. Vernon,

      I just went back and checked the email with my order confirmation. I did order the family finder/mtDNA combination. I am not sure why I completely blanked on that. I am excited to talk to you about it after I get my results!

  2. Are you still waiting for your results? I’m curious to hear all that you learn from this type of testing. Keep us posted!!

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