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One of the genealogy blogs I follow in Feedly is The Patient Genealogist written by Devon Lee.  Devon Lee writes about two main categories: photographing memorabilia and heritage scrapbooking.  The Patient Genealogist has a great series of blog posts about creating digital scrapbook pages.  The blog posts cover everything from where to get digital scrapbooking supplies to types of pages to include in a book.  Devon is generous in sharing some of the scrapbook pages she has created.  It gives you lots of ideas how to craft your own.

I have been playing with the idea of starting to write a book about my family history (like every genealogist).  I like the look of the scrapbook pages and have decided this is the way to go for me.  I can have photos along with text to make a more digestible (aka non-genealogist) book for family to read.  There are many options to create a book this way including using Shutterfly templates.  While I do like the Shutterfly products, I would like a little more creative control by creating my own pages.  The great news is that I can upload my digital scrapbooking pages to Shutterfly for easy printing.

I noticed last year that Devon Lee had written an Kindle eBook called Create A Family History Scrapbook Digitally In 12 Simple Steps.  I recommend this book for anyone thinking of creating a family history book with both pictures and text.  The book covers many topics including how to digitize the items you want to include in your book, different storytelling styles, how to organize your book, and creating digital scrapbooking pages.  While I am excited to learn how to create digital pages in Photoshop, this eBook covers so much more than that.  The eBook really has a wide audience and is priced at only $3.99 at

With inspiration and education I got from Devon Lee’s eBook, I have created my first digital scrapbooking page! Check out this scrapbook page about my great-grandmother, Opal Strickler and don’t forget to stop by The Patient Genealogist.

Opal Strickler page

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  1. I am in tears. Thank you for your praise of my effort. Initially I wrote this book to explain what I do to some friends. I thought maybe others would enjoy the tips I shared. I’m so proud of your scrapbook page. Way to go! I can’t wait to see more.

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