Follow Friday – Geneseo Public Library, Henry County, Illinois

About 1853 my 4th great-grandparents, John and Margaret Lawbaugh, migrated West from Ohio to Illinois.  They and many of their children settled in and around Geneseo, Illinois.  My 2nd great-grandfather, William Henry Lawbaugh was the next ancestor to leave the area in the late 1880’s.  I have a lot of research I want to do in this town!

I recently found myself at the Geneseo Public Library website.  I will admit I was having a random genealogy tangent moment and was not planning to check this website.  I have been here before and seen the extensive listing of genealogy materials the library holds.  I would love to take a genealogy vacation and hole up in the library to comb the materials.

This time I visited the website, I noticed a link to “digitized local newspaper.”  There are ten city and county newspapers that have been digitized and posted to the website.  The newspapers span 1856-1977!  The best part is that the database is searchable!

I did a search for my family using just the surname Lawbaugh.  The results page includes 211 hits from three newspapers over a 100 year period.  I am so excited about all the research I have on my to-do list!!

If anyone has ancestors from Geneseo, Illinois, I highly suggest visiting the Geneseo Public Library website and taking full advantage of the great resources there.

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