Wedding Wedesday – Lawbaugh Mitchell Wedding Announcement

I was so excited to find this wedding annoucement on this week.  It features my maternal grandparents.  The timing could not be better as I fly down to Southern California on Monday to visit with my grandma.  I can’t wait to bring her a printed copy as a surprise!

Hutchinson News Herald, June 25, 1950, Page 7, Column 1


Wedding vows for Roberta Mitchell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Mitchell, and William H. Lawbaugh, son of Mrs. Effie Lawbaugh of Bell Gardens, Calif., were wed at 8pm Saturday in 10th Avenue Evangelical United Brethren Church by Rev. C.H. Hartmann.  Organist, Mrs. Floyd Leatherman, and Duain Crain, vocalist, gave wedding music.

The church was decorated with two pair of candelabra, greenery and white satin bows.  Geraldine Linegarger of Emporia was maid of honor and Mrs. G.E. Cogzill, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid.  Robert Scruton of Wichita was best man.  Ushers were Raymond Mitchell of Augusta, Delbert and Kenneth Mitchell, brothers of the bride.  Donnie and Connie Cogzill, twin nephew and niece of the bride were rind bearer and flower girl respectively.  Tapers were lighted by Delores McAdams of Wichita and Betty Gragg of Guymon.

The bride wore a gown of white satin trimmed with nylon illusion net and a nylon illusion veil held by a crocheted ruffle.  She wore pearls, gift of the bridegroom, and a white Bible topped with an orchid corsage.

Her attendants wore ballerina gowns of pink and blue, mitts and nylon illusion veils held by crocheted ruffles.  They carried pink corsages on white Testaments.  The taper lighters wore yellow dresses and the flower girl wore a gown of white organza over pink taffeta.  Mrs. Cogzill made the bride’s dress and veil and the attendants veils and mitts.

A reception will be held in the Mitchell home with Mrs. Ruby Elliott of Salina in charge of the guest book.  Mmes  Raymond Mitchell of Augusta, Kenneth and Delbert Mitchell assisted at the reception.

For going away the bride wore a tan silk dress with brown and white accessories.  After short wedding trip the couple will be at home in Wichita where Mr. Lawbaugh is employed by Southwestern Bell Telephone company.  Mrs. Lawbaugh has just completed two years of X-Ray training at Wesley hospital in Wichita.

Travel Tuesday – A Must See County In Ohio

One of the great moments on this season of Who Do You Think You Are was in the Martin Sheen episode.  Martin Sheen found information that one of his great grandfathers tried to put one of his great grandmothers in jail.  In a twist of irony, the two sides of the family came together in marriage several generations later.

Today I found out that I might have my own “Martin Sheen” moment.  It is not as dramatic but still exciting for me.

I have documented my mother’s paternal line (Lawbaugh) from Kansas back to Illinois then to Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  The family moved to Ohio in the early 1820’s and stayed there until 1853 when my line moved to Illinois.  The Lawbaugh’s lived in the Bucks and Sugarcreek areas of the county.

Today I received an email from a volunteer angel who did a look up for me in Tuscarawas County.  He confirmed that on my mother’s maternal line (Flock) Mathias Flock married Margaret Fankboner in Tuscarawas County in 1835.  The 1840 Federal Census places the family in Oxford, Tuscarawas, Ohio.

The Lawbaugh family lived approximately 20-25 miles away from the Flock family in the same county.  Although I know this was a far distance for travel in the early 1800’s, I have to wonder if there was ever a chance that these two families ever met?!  Did they know each other or of each other?

It would be wild if they knew each other because 4 generations later my grandmother would marry my grandfather in Kansas.

I need to do more research about the area and what records are available.  I also need to add this county to my “visit places my ancestors lived” genealogy goal for sure!

Not So Wordless Wednesday – William H. Lawbaugh

This is a picture I received from my mom’s cousin from her collection of family photos.  William Henry Lawbaugh (1861-1911) is one of those ancestors that I would love to be able to peer back into history to see more of his life.  He was an artist (literally and musically) that came from a family where everyone was a farmer.  He had a wonderful obituary that I posted (Sunday’s Obituary – William H. Lawbaugh).

Surname Saturday – Dean Lawbaugh Family

This is my first Surname Saturday post.  I have decided to start with Dean Lawbaugh’s family because I have a wonderful photo of the family.  Dean Russell Lawbaugh is my great grandfather on my mother’s paternal side.

top: Eugenia, Bill, Clemmie
bottom: Effie, Dean, Eddie

1. Dean Russell Lawbaugh was born 15 December 1888 in Wellington, Kansas to William Henry Lawbaugh and Clementine L Hudson.  He died 30 May, 1950 in Los Angeles, California.  He is buried in Wellington, Kansas.  Dean married Effie Bender on 12 May 1912.

2.  Effie Mae Bender was born 30 December 1892 in Halstead, Kansas to William Henry Bender and Mary Eugenia Bradley.  She died 15 march 1974 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  She is buried in Wellington, Kansas.

i.  Eugenia Beryl Lawbaugh was born 23 February 1913 in Wellington, Kansas.  She died 11 July 1995 in McMinnville, Oregon.

ii. Clemedean Lawbaugh was born 7 January 1917 in Wellington, Kansas.  She died 23 June 1996 in McMinnville, Oregon.

iii. Edna Mae Lawbaugh was born 11 May 1921 in Wellington, Kansas.  She died 28 August 2001 in  Topeka, Kansas.

iv.  William Henry Lawbaugh was born 12 September 1923 in Wellington, Kansas.  He died 14 October 1965 in Lake Isabella, California.

Sunday’s Obituary – William H. Lawbaugh

William H. Lawbaugh is my second great grandfather through my mother’s paternal line (William Lawbaugh->Dean R. Lawbaugh->William H. Lawbaugh)The People’s Voice, Wellington, Sumner, Kansas

No. 48, Vol. XXI
26 January 1911, page 1, column 4
“Lawbaugh Died This Morning”
Well Known Painter and Musician Passes Away
Had Undergone Another Operation Yesterday From Which He Failed To Recover.
W.H. Lawbaugh passed away at his home on North Jefferson avenue [sic] this morning at six o’clock.  It was realized yesterday by the physicians and relatives that his condition was critical and there was but little hope felt for his recovery.  Yet death was somewhat unexpected at time it came, as those watching at his bedside thought that they had noticed a rally of strength just a few moments before.  He passed away during a period of unconsciousness.
                A surgical operation on the stomach was performed yesterday morning as the only hopes of saving the patient’s life.  A first operation was performed a few months ago which restored the patient’s health for a time.  But his condition again became serious last week.  The disease of which he suffered was one of the stomach [sic], thought by some of the physicians to be cancer.
                W.H. Lawbaugh has been one fo the best known citizen of Wellington for twenty-three years.  He was a painter and decorator by trade, and one who excelled in his profession.  His eye for colors and careful workmanship marked him an artist in his line.  His work is to be found everywhere about the city.  The interior of the Antlers hotel is one of his notable efforts.  Here he was given the full play of his genius and the work is recognized as one of his best.
                Mr. Lawbaugh was also a musician of marked ability, and has been a leading member of every band organization in Wellington since he came here.  No band was complete without Lawbaugh and his big bass horn, and he was a friend to every ban musician in the city, young and old.  He was one of the charter members of the famous old “Big Six” band of earlier days.  The other members of that organization who will be remembered here by many were Bert Chapman, Chas. Davis, Will Dean, Bert Daniels, H. Teiderman, Claud Sanders and W.H. Caman.  Will R. Stotler was drum major and is the only member now living here. W.H. Caman came down from Beatrice, Nebraska a few weeks ago to see his friend Mr. Lawbaugh, during the latter’s critical illness.
                W.H. Lawbaugh was born in Geneseo, Ill. In 1862 and resided there with his parents until he was 17 years of age.  Then he traveled as a musician with show companies, first coming to Wellington in 1882 with the Simons Comedy Company.  He liked the town and returned in 1887 to take up his residence, having been married in 1886 to Clemie Hudson at LaCygne, Kansas.
                Mr. Lawbaugh was converted in the Williams meetings at the Methodist church a number of years ago and has been a faithful member of the church.  He belonged to the I.O.O.F. and carried insurance.  The deceased leaves a widow and two children, Ione aged 16 and Dean aged 22.  A sister, Mrs. Lou Miles, lives at Geneseo, Ill.  She was here at the time of his first serious attack of illness. 
                The funeral services will be held from the home at 702 North Jefferson at 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon Rev. D.H. Switzer officiating.