Treasure Chest Thursday – Marriage Application For My Grandparents

I was recently browsing the record collections on Family Search when I stumbled across Pennsylvania County Marriage Records, 1885-1950.  Since my Dad’s family lived in and around Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, I immediately clicked on the record set.  A quick search brought up the marriage record for my grandparents! Yipee!

The three images included an outside cover, the application, and the portion returned to the county by the Priest who officiated their wedding.  The information is all items I already know about my grandparents.  It is nice to have something with their signatures on it.

Celio Capelli and Mary Dempsey were married the day after Valentine’s Day in 1947.  My grandfather told us the story once about how he met my grandmother.  He had been driving home with a friend in the car.  The friend, who also knew my grandmother, pointed her out  walking down the street.  My grandfather pulled over to offer her a ride home.  My grandfather was so focused on my grandmother that he did not notice his sister(cousin) walking down the street.  He failed to give her a ride home and heard about it when she finally made it.

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