Packed and Ready to Research!

I am so excited!  Why? You say?  I get to spend hours in a library this weekend!  Watch out – the genealogy dork in me is in full effect today.

My Mom and I are flying to Kansas Thursday morning for a weekend of family fun.  We will be visiting with the Lawbaugh branch, partying at the Mitchell family reunion, and spending quality research time at the Kansas State Historical Society.  There might even be a cemetery or two if I am lucky.

I have been diligently preparing by scouring the online catalog of the Kansas State Historical Society.  I have a very detailed plan of what to look for in the county records on microfilm, maps I want to see, and obituaries to read in the microfilmed newspapers.  I have many branches that all crossed paths in Kansas.  My main focus will be on my Mitchell and Hudson lines.  I will also be looking for addtional information about my Strickler, Flock, Lawbaugh, and Bradley lines.  I am hoping to get a lot of check marks on my task list without getting sidetracked.

This morning I finished printing my plans and copies of family group sheets.  I started gathering all of the electronics (Ipad, FlipPal, and camera) along with the necessary charging cords.  Quarters are in a plastic bag for the lockers at the library.

Even though I have been to this library before, I re-read the research room guide to make sure that I am current with their policies.  The Kansas State Historical Society library is wonderful.  It has lots of space, natural daylight, lots of microfilm readers, and great staff.  I can’t wait to get there!

I just have to pack some clothes and I am off on another genealogy adventure.  I hope to have lots of goodies to share when I get back!


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